Huge Fall In The TRP Of Bigg Boss 4

The craze for Bigg Boss on Telugu Television is different from the other languages. The show got good reception from the viewers in all the three seasons and now the show has registered a massive TRP of 18.5 points surpassing the previous season records in the first week of the telecast.

In the mean time inside sources say that the show garnered attention but is weak in content and contestants are also not familiar with many of the audience and the week days report seems to be a big concern for the Star Maa Management. Let's see what they have to boost up the show in the coming days!
As expected the show started to fade out and has garnered a poor reception of just 8.0 rating points in the TRP due to the huge craze IPL has got in India. Fans of Bigg Boss expect that the show has seen all this competition earlier too but the present weak content and no craze contestants are denting the viewership of the show!
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