Sushant's Death Case Completely Out Of Focus Now!

Sushant left a deep impact on everyone's minds despite a short career. People wanted to know the reason behind his death and it became a nationwide issue. The national media covered this story for months and with issues like money laundering and others coming up, this case was handed over from Mumbai police to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The Enforcement Directorate officials also came into the picture and people thought that they would get into real reason or cause for Sushant's death.

But the case took a complete U-turn after the drugs scandal came into the scene. The Narcotics Control Bureau took custody of Sushant's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborthy and she mentioned the names of few managers and heroines. With some of the A-listers being summoned for questioning, media shifted its focus on these actress and Sushant's death case completely went out of focus. There is news about Sushant's death case as the officials are fully invested in the drugs business inside Bollywood. While some people are still hoping for CBI to find the facts, the officials have lost their focus on the death case and are looking deeply into the drugs mafia.
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