Why Is Chandrababu Turning Pro-Hindutwa?

Is there a re-think in Chandrababu's overall political strategy? Is he planning to adopt a pro-Hindutwa line in his politics? Is it an attempt to get closer with the BJP? It the real reason behind this strategy is to highlight YS Jagan's religion and whip up anti-Jagan feelings?

For the first ever time in his political career, Chandrababu Naidu has talked about Hindu interests and strongly advocated the need to protect them. This is a departure from his public stand of secularism even during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Modi 1.0 regimes. What is the reason for his pro-Hindutwa approach.

Sources say Chandrababu has two aims. The first is to try to highlight YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's religion. He has specifically targeted Jagan's religion and his visit to Tirupati. The second reason is to get closer to the BJP. As of now, the BJP is quite determined not to ally with Chandrababu and to chart out its own independent course. It does not want to work with Chandrababu anymore given his abusive criticism of both Modi and Amit Shah. So, to lure the BjP, he is laying the Hindutwa trap, say his camp followers.

But will he not alienate the minorities? Sources say Chandrababu is taking a calculated risk as even otherwise the minorities – both Muslims and Christians – are not with him anymore. If in any case he is not going to get their votes, why don's sheep's clothes? So, shed sheep's clothes and project the wolf's image. This seems to be his strategy these days. But, will it pay dividends? Let's wait and see.
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