Indian-Americans Raised $3.3mn For Joe Biden Through Fund Raising

In the upcoming United States Presidential elections, the fundraising segment is going to be a game-changer. Experts cited that keeping this mind, Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden in his every speech mentions about NRIs.

Joe Biden's efforts to woo the NRIs have paid off as a total of Rs 24. 34 crores was raised through fundraising by the  Non-resident Indians(NRIs) that too in a single night.

This amount is said to be the highest amount raised through fundraising in one day. This shows the level of support Joe Biden has among the Indian-Americans. However, they asked Biden to moderate the position on Kashmir and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Indian-Americans pressed Joe Biden oven the "lack of equal treatment" for Hindus as no dedication section was allocated for Hindus on the campaign platform's section of Joe Biden.

It is believed that Indian-origin Kamala Harris being projected as the vice-presidential candidate resulted in Indian-Americans donating in huge amounts through fundraising.

On the other hand, Political Analysts opined that serving President Donald Trump is lagging when it comes to exit polls.
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