Megastar Do Not Want Comparisons With Superstar

The urban monk look of megastar has trended big on social media, in the pic the megastar has shocked all with his tonsured look. The fans appreciated the daring attitude of Chiranjeevi going to any extent for a film. While we doubt the progress of 'Aacharya' film, it came as a sudden shocker from Megastar Chiranjeevi.

While specilations revealed that he is just making sure to match the looks of Thala Ajith Kumar from the original, Chiru has other plans says a latest source. Few opine that the star may not sport the tonsured look as comparisons would erupt from audience between Chiranjeevi and Rajnikanth. Moreover, People have loved the Tonsured Boss in Shivaji and thus Megastar is not willing to sport this look as it would hurt his fans!

It is known that forgotten director Meher Ramesh has finished the script for the remake and soon after 'Aacharya' megastar would join the shoot of 'Vedhalam' remake.

The Thala Ajith starrer 'Vedhalam' became a blockbuster due to sister sentiment and as Ajith carries the bald look many fans hoped megastar doing the same!
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