Shaurya's Secret Behind Stunning 8 Pack Abs!

We have recently seen handsome hero Naga Shaurya posing without a shirt during his workout sessions. He was even seen shirtless in the first look of his upcoming untitled film. He looked tremendous with his muscular body and the 8 pack abs he is flaunting is surely giving fitness goals to many youngsters out there.

News is that he will be seen sporting 8 pack abs in his first even sports backdrop film which is under production right now. He will be seen as an archer in this film. His ripped body is a result of a lot of hard work and determination. Apart from spending hours together in the gym, he did not drink a sip of water and didn't even swallow a dop of saliva for five days to look in perfect shape for a shirtless scene in the film.

It reportedly took nine months for Naga Shaurya to get these 8 pack abs. He is said to have followed a strict Keto diet which includes eating fish and boiled vegetables without salt. He also ate a lot of broccoli from the past few months. Shaurya shared that getting proper sleep is one of the crucial aspects required for this makeover.

Being a national level tennis player has helped Shaurya in learning the ropes of Archery easily under the coach's supervision. It looks like all the hard work paid off as he is looking absolutely stunning with that chiseled body.
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