One More Pandemic Heading Towards India!

In the wake of India finding it difficult to combat the COVID-19 outbreak and get things back on track, one more deadly pandemic is going to strike India.

Scientists believe that a new contagious virus called, Brucellosis was detected that infects people who consume raw dairy products. Animals can also get infected with the virus.

If we have to take anything from the fingers of the study carried by the scientists, the Brucellosis virus caused by the bacteria that belong to the Brucella kind of genus has entered India.

They believe that the bacteria is spreading its wings and impacting humans and animals as well and they are fearing that the new kind of virus disease might turn out as another pandemic.

The new disease can get transmitted to humans from the animals that are mainly confined to farms like Pigs, cows, and buffaloes. These animals are widely used in the Agriculture sector in India, which intensifies the disease transmission.

Compared to other nations, India has to be more cautious about the new disease and start taking early precautions so that the country won't get affected by the disease like COVID-19

What makes the disease even deadly is no treatment is available for the brucellosis just like COVID-19. Though there are antibodies to treat the brucellosis disease, treatment is yet to be found.

Fever, joint pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, sweats, etc are some of the potential symptoms for the Brucellosis disease.  

The contagious disease was found in China in December 2019. It is believed that as many as 3,245 people in the capital of Gansu province were infected with the contagious Brucellosis disease.
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