Producers Backing Pay Per View Model On OTTs

The on-going pandemic has left us all in a crisis. The demand for content on TV, OTTs has surged double the need and all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar are desperately adding content to help their audience. Even after these many efforts, demand for content is not ending and that's where the OTTs are running back of producers.

In Bollywood, almost all the small films have been released on Amazon Prime recently. The sudden crisis has left the producers of the film just with one option and that is- sell it to OTT! Recently the OTT platforms are just upping the game in Tollywood too. It is said that Amazon Prime offered good money for few films but none of the big films confirmed the deal in Telugu.

Sources revealed that all of the happening producers in Tollywood are tempting to OTT deals that offer quick money! It is because the near future of theaters is uncertain! OTT works only for small budget films as it is limited.

For example a movie like 'V' of Dil Raju made 30 Crores as revenue that could be brought by Theaters and other rights procedure but OTTs are becoming unlimited source of money for producers and thus few producers are also planning for the pay per view model even in the subscription service! Wonder how our Telugu audience take it!

The latest news tells that if the unlock procedure takes time, talk is that movies will be lined up to OTTs only on exclusive rights and negotiations. Till date Ravi Teja's 'Krack' and Sai Tej's  'Solo Bathuke So Better' are in talks with Zee5 and other movies like 'Orey Bujjiga' and many more medium budget films finished talks with Aha and is set to stream very soon. Let's see how many films will actually wait for theaters and how many will rush to OTTs!

It is evident that the money offered by this OTTs is very less compared to the revenue brought by the Theatrical release for Telugu film that has garnered viewership in Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru and Few areas of the Hindi belt that pay lucrative deals for Theatrical rights alone. The crisis is taking advantage of all and OTTs are minting big!
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