Kodanda Faces Cong, CPI Road-Block

Telangana Jana Samithi chief Prof. Kodandaram may have taught politics. But, playing politics is another ballgame all together. Despite being widely respected as the leader of the Telangana Joint Action Committee during the Telangana agitation, the professor is finding that the politicians are made of a different stuff.

When he approached the Congress and the Communists for support for his bid to become an MLC from the graduates constituency, he thought that the two parties would jump at the offer and extend support to him. But, there are already murmurs within the Congress on the issue. Leaders like Bellaiah Naik, Ramulu Naik, Nayini Rajender Reddy and Manavata Roy are strongly pitching for party tickets. Manavata Ray has gone to the extent of fighting as an independent if he is not given the ticket.

To his surprise, Kodandaram also found that his two close associates – former MLC Kapilavai Dilip and Dr Cheruku Sudhakar – too want to contest as candidates and are in no mood to cede ground to him. Even the Communists have indicated that they will contest the elections for the graduate constituency.
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