Veteran Actress Wants The Drugs Mess To Be Cleaned Up

The truth behind the death of Bollywood young talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput is not yet revealing. The murder case has rather become a drug cartel probe!

It is evident that the actress Rhea is arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau and taken into 14 days judicial custody after a video Judicial enquiry and the grilling of three days. The Bombay Sessions Court has extended the custody to October 06 upon the request of NCB.

Every where the topic of drugs seems never ending be it the social media Or the news channels or the Parliament.It is everywhere. To stay in the news and present times, Veteran actress Raveena Tandon has tweeted saying that the system of drugs should be cleaned and this is the time to clean up and give better future for all.She even said that all the bigwigs should be pulled out of the hole and punished as they are the ones who make the system worse she ended.

It is evident that the actress earlier has tweeted her opinion that patriarchy should end and supported Rhea but very soon she has changed colours and voiced out the new drug protest. Netizens wonder how she became a great actress if not for her skills!
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