Samantha Worried About Her Pet's Health

Samantha Akkineni is a pet lover and she is a proud mother of a naughty puppy, Hash Akkineni. Often, she is seen playing with her pup, which has caught the attention of the netizens.

But now, Samantha has a big problem with her pet that it has a skin allergy. The actress is worried about her dog's skin allergy. She made efforts to reduce the allergies to pet, and she has also taken all kinds of medicines and precautions. But nothing worked so far.

Samantha shared the video of her pet on Instagram and asked help from her fans to cure her pet. As soon as she posted the video, netizens gave their methods to reduce the allergy suggesting remedies like olive oil, homoeopathy, apple seed vinegar and many other. Samantha also thanked everyone for helping her with her pet allergy.
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