China's Secret Encroachment Into Nepal Land Continues!

Dragon Country China, which is making efforts to occupy land in Nepal has encroached into Nepal territory and allegedly constructed as many as nine buildings in the Nepal territory.

Some media reports claimed that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has encroached one kilometer into the Nepalese territory and constructed nine buildings in the Namkha gaupalika region.

To be specific, the encroachment took place at the Lapcha-Limi area of the Namkha Gaupalika region that is located around 2 kilometers from the China-Nepalese border.

Experts cite China's move as a strategic plan to pick the Lapcha-Limi area for the alleged encroachment into the Nepalese territory as the Kailash Mansarovar region is visible from this area.

It is believed that the news of alleged encroachment broke out after the President of the Namkha Municipality found out new buildings when he visited the municipality. He alleged that Chinese troops are not letting the Nepalese people enter this area.

The President has reported the same development with the Nepal Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry is yet to respond to the encroachment.

Earlier, China has been encroached into Nepalese territory secretly. Two months ago, China illegally entered into the Rui Village of Gorkha district in Nepalese territory.

In another instance, China encroached into 10 places in Nepal and occupied around 33 hectares of land in total and even diverted the flow of rivers to march into Nepalese land.
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