Costly Injections Stolen From State-Run Hopsital

In what it could be a shocker, costly injections that were supposed to be used for Corinavirus patients were stolen from a state-run hospital. This incident created a sensation.

Going into detail, the incident took place in the Guntur town of Andhra Pradesh. Coronavirus injections in the Government General Hospital (GGH)  went missing.

A ward boy who works at the Hospital Medical store department has stolen a box of costly injections to sell them to a private medical store as the injections have a huge demand.

A Single-injection in the box costs around over Rs 5,000 per piece. The high price of the injections might have forced the ward boy to steal the injections.

The shocking incident raised many doubts about the security for the Medical Store department, which is the crucial department in the hospital.

GGH Supervision swung into action soon after learning about the incident and suspended the ward boy who has stolen the injection box. After the concerned authorities submit a detailed report, action will be taken on the medical shop owner who bought the injections.
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