Where Is Prattipati Pulla Rao, Ask Chilakaluripet TDP Workers

He was all over the place during the TDP regime. He was the second most powerful leader in the party incharge of the Amaravati affairs along with minister Narayana. He played a key role in getting the capital area farmers to give their lands for the CRDA. But today, former minister Prattipati Pullarao is not to be seen in the capital area and even in his constituency. He has confined himself to Hyderabad for the last seven months. He has not visited his Chilakaluripet home in as many days.

Sources say more than the Corona scare, it is the spate of cases booked against himself and his son that are worrying him. He is afraid of the ED probe into his son's activities. The ED had already raided his premises once in Hyderabad. Similarly, the YSRCP government too is seriously looking into his activities as a minister. So, a worried Pulla Rao is said to have decided to stay away from Chilakaluripet and keep a low profile for some time.

However, the TDP cadre and some of the Amaravati farmers, who believed him, are now questioning his long absence from Chilakaluripet in particular and Guntur district in general. They are asking as to why he has forsaken them in this hour of the need. Pulla Rao, expectedly is not even bothering to answer.
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