MLC Ticket For Bonthu Rammohan?

KCR's most faithful follower and Hyderabad Mayor Bonthu Rammohan is likely to be the TRS candidate for the upcoming Graduates Constituency MLC elections. TRS insiders tell us that Rammohan, whose career has hit a road block after being the mayor for five years, may be given the opportunity to fight the MLC elections.

Rammohan, a BC with an RSS background, has been one of the first followers of KCR in the twin cities. KCR had rewarded his loyalty by making him the Mayor of the GHMC. However, his requests for an MLA ticket from Uppal were turned down and with his term set to end soon, he has hit a political road block. The next Mayor would be a woman as per the reservation norms and this only means that Rammohan will become jobless after his term ends.

However, KCR and KTR feel that he could me made an MLC candidate. If he wins, he would remain as an MLC for six years. If not, Bonthu Rammohan cannot complain that he has been left in the lurch. As an educated BC, Rammohan can strike a chord with the BC graduates, according to the TRS strategists. So, one might soon see Rammohan hitting the road to seek votes.
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