Riteish's Funny Post Gets A lot Of Applause!

The Coronavirus is affecting the entire world and wearing a mask has become mandatory. But many people don't put on their masks in a proper way. Some of them don't cover their nose, while others don't wear them at all. Bollywood hero Riteish Deshmukh posted a picture on his social media handle which is tickling the funny bones of many and is making them think at the same time.

In this post, he talked about the four COVID personality types that were spotted at the local grocery store. The first type is the ones who believe in science and wear the mask properly by covering the face in a perfect way. The second type doesn't understand science and leaves the nose open and only covers the mouth. The third type is the ones who believe in magic.
They put on the mask but pull it below their chin leaving the entire face exposed. The last type is people who deny science and ignore the masks. They are too over-confident but are the first ones to blame the government if something bad happens. This post from the'Housefull' actor is going viral and people are loving Riteish's sense of humor.
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