Rashmi Gautam Winning Hearts For Her Generous Gesture

Actor and Anchor Rashmi Gautam is an avid social media user and responds to social issues strongly. Recently, she won people hearts by helping the street dogs during the lockdown.

Now, Rashmi is yet again winning netizens hearts for helping an unemployed man, who asked the anchor to help him in buying books for his competitive exams.

"Madam, Please help me. I can't afford these two books. Exams on December 15, these will be helpful for my preparation. Surely you can be the reason for my success," tweeted a netizen.

Responding to this, Rashmi asked him to post his address to send the books as he asked. The netizens are praising Rashmi for her generous gesture. Meanwhile, Rashmi is having a good career with her Television shows and her next film is yet to be announced soon.
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