Puri Explains How Sense Of Humour Is Important In Life!

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is using the time he has in his hands to educate people these days. He is speaking on various issues these days and his podcasts are funny and philosophical at the same time. The 'Pokiri' director who is known for his dialogues is sharing his wisdom about life, love, money and many other things.

He recently spoke about the importance of having sense of humour in life. Puri says that every person needs to have some sense of humour in their lives and in order to obtain it, they need to be detached. He makes it clear that every person should have the capacity to crack jokes on themselves. He shows Sardarjis as an example. He said that many people think Sardarji's as dim-witted people and make fun of them constantly. He states that they are most clever people and called them 'Double Ismart'. Puri tells that we should learn a lot from them as they make you laugh all the time but they are hardworking people and can live happily any way.

Puri Jaganndh quotes that sense of humour attracts people and makes you a leader. He says that a lot of great leaders have fine sense of humour as they say deep philosophy in the middle of a funny story and can even say the most difficult things in a soft way. Puri adds that sense of humour improves your blood circulation and makes you healthy. He quips that it even helps you in winning people at your place of work as proving yourself as genius brings you enemies but making fun of yourself guarantees you friends.
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