How YSRCP Undercut Raghuramakrishnam Raju's Brand Of Politics

Renegade YSRCP MP Kanumuri Raghuramakrishnam Raju may actually be scoring browny points on the social media and the electronic media, but the YSRCP is all out to checkmate him in his burrough of Bhimavaram.

Raghuramakrishnam Raju has been attacking the YSRCP and its leadership right left and centre. In this, he is being ably aided by the sections of the media that are opposed to the current regime in AP. However, his attempts to get pally with the BJP at the Centre have only been partially successful because of the BJP's dependence on the YSRCP in Rajya Sabha.

Meanwhile, in a deft move, the YSRCP has brought in Raghuramakrishnam Raju's  close relative Gokaraju Rangaraju into the party. He is being seen as a counterfoil to Raju's shenanigans. With the close relative positioned against him, Raghurama is finding himself in a piquant position. Rangaraju is the son of former MP Gokaraju Gangaraju, who too is a close relative of Raghurama. The entry of this well-connected, politically influential politician from the same community has pushed Raghurama to a corner.

While he is busy fighting his battle with the YSRCP leadership at the state and national level, he is finding that the ground under his feet is actually slipping. It remains to be seen what Raju will do to salvage the situation.
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