Bhatti Vikramarka Vs Talasani: Who Won On Day 1?

Who has won on Day One of the Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka-Talasani Srinivas Yadav tiff? It clearly appears that Talasani's bold move of going over to Bhatti's home and taking him on an inspection of the two-bedroom houses, has clearly floored Bhatti Vikramarka. He appeared unprepared for Talasani's move.

There was a heated debate on the two-bedroom houses in the Telangana legislative assembly on the issue. When Bhatti challenged the government figures that over one lakh houses were under construction, Talasani said that he would take the Opposition leader to all the houses under construction. On Thursday, Talasani went to Bhatti's residence and took him on a tour of few housing sites. The move appears to have clearly non-plussed Bhatti. He looked surprised but went ahead with the visit. At the end of it, there was a joint press meet, where Talasani reiterated his claim.

But, clever Bhatti has said that on Thursday, he has just seen over 3000 houses. He said he would make a visit on Friday too to see the other houses. He said he would inspect the other houses too and then comment. Clearly, while Talasani won on Day One, but Bhatti seems to be holding his fire for a later time.
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