Auto Rickshaw Driver Tries To Set Himself On Fire Outside Pragati Bhavan

A tense situation arose outside the official residence and principal workplace of the Chief Minister of Telangana Pragathi Bhavan after an autorickshaw driver attempted to set himself on fire.

The autorickshaw driver who was identified as Chander reached the CM's workplace to demand the state government grant him a double-bedroom house. The double-bedroom flat is the flag bearer scheme of the government.

The cops who were rendering their services at the camp office saw him and thwarted his suicide attempt and took the auto driver into their custody.

Some media reports claimed that the autorickshaw driver who is believed to have participated in the Telangana movement for the special state, attempt suicide in 2010 in front of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly

A similar incident took place last week, in front of Ravindra Bharati, where a man identified as Narlakanti Nagulu poured petrol on himself and set himself on fire alleging that government policies have dissatisfied him.

The victim developed around 25 percent of burn injuries and immediately rushed to the state-run Osmania General Hospital in the city for treatment.

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