A former Model Accused US President Of Grooving Her

Ahead of the United States Presidential elections, serving President Donald Trump found himself in the middle of a controversy after a former model accused him of sexual assault.

Going into detail, former model Amy Dorris, who recently gave an interview to the British daily newspaper The Guardian reportedly made allegations of sexual assault against Trump.

Amy alleged around two decades ago Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the US Open stands, back then when Donald Trump was a real estate magnate

'Donald Trump grooved me and held me tight in his hands. I tried to escape from his grip, but my efforts were in vain,' the former model alleged.

According to the former model, the incident took place in 1997. At that time the model was 24 and Donald Trump was 51 and was married to his second wife.

When asked about not disclosing the matter to anyone when the incident took place, the model said that she feared her complaint might result in harming their family members.

She is not the first woman to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault. Several women over the years accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting them. 
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