Vikas Dubey's Ghost Haunts Bikru Village

It has been nearly two and a half months since the Bikru massacre in Uttar Pradesh took place in which eight policemen were killed. But people in the Bikru village claim that they still hear gunshots in the night.

According to reports, people in the village scurry back into their homes and lock their houses as soon as the sunsets. No informal get-togethers under the sun, moon or stars can be seen in the village after Bikru village witnessed one of the worst bloodbaths.

People in the village claim that they have seen Vikas Dubey's ghost and they even hear gunshots in the night. Some people even say they often saw Vikas Dubey sitting on the ruins of his house that was bulldozed by the government, Neighbours of Dubey's demolished house, claims to have even heard multiple voices.

However, the police posted in the village hasn't heard any gunshots or seen Vikas Dubey on record.
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