Man With Fake Profile Cheats Thousands Of Pawan Kalyan Fans

An unknown man had opened a Twitter account in the name of a girl, claiming a big fan of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan and fooled the actor fans and followers.  

He opened a Twitter account under the name Alekhya Reddy, keeping a photo of the beautiful girl as a profile photo. Giving counters to the leaders of the opposition parties and praising Pawan, he succeeded in grabbing the attention of Pawan fans and thus, 37,000 followers have gathered on the account.

While projecting himself as a Pawan fan, the man grabbed money from followers and he also brought a phone with one of the follower's money. Somehow, the issue came to light while the person was taking the phone delivery.

As he got exposed, the fake account holder pleaded the victim not to raise a complaint on this and deactivated his account. There are thousands of fake accounts on social media. So, everyone has to be careful while handling their accounts.
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