Kim Kardashian Freezes Her Instagram To Protest Facebook

Kim Kardashian West, who has one of the biggest Instagram followings, said that she would be joining in a protest against Facebook for its handling of misinformation and hate.

Other high-profile users who are taking part in this protest are Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Orlando Bloom, Kerry Washington and Sacha Baron Cohen and several others.

"I love that I can connect directly with you through Instagram and Facebook, but I can't sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation," Kardashian West wrote.

"Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy. Please join me tomorrow when I will be 'freezing' my Instagram and FB account to tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit," she added.

The move is part of the #StopHateforProfit campaign which was organised by civil rights activists. As a part of this, the celebrities will freeze their social media accounts for 24 hours on Wednesday.
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