Zero Thrills In His Lacklustre 'Thriller' From RGV!

Ram Gopal Varma decided to churn out one film after the other during this period. He made some controversial films like 'Power Star', 'Murder' and others. He even made some erotic movies like 'Naked' and 'Climax'. All of them were released in his own ATT. Following them, he brought a film titled 'Thriller' towards the people which has a runtime of 22 minutes.

Varma hyped this film by releasing some bold pictures of the heroine and the posters and trailer too were too steamy and borderline vulgar. But people who tend to watch this 'Thriller' hoping to see such scenes are in for a big disappointment. The film has literally nothing. It neither had the thrills it promised nor the sensuous and bold scenes as expected. The story was too weak and it is better not to talk about character designing. All RGV wanted to do was to make money by hyping the film with some B-grade promotions.

Varma who made some game-changing films in the past has stooped to this level. There is nothing worth watching in this film and the lead cast Apsara Rani and Rakhi Kachi had nothing to do in this film. All they had to do was look around shockingly and wear as less clothing as possible. This is what Varma must have said to the film's cast and especially the female lead. With weird camera angles, RGV tested the patience of the audience and despite being a 22-minute long film, people will feel like it is taking ages to end. Critics are saying that it is better to stay away from this film as far as possible.
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