Kamal Haasan Warns His Party Activists

With many goals and ambitions, Universal hero Kamal Haasan has founded Makkal Needhi Maiam party. Since then, he has been actively engaging with the public and addressing their problems.

Currently, Kamal is overseeing party activities from a private hotel in Chennai in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. He is been busy with frequent meetings with party workers via video conference.

During a meeting, Kamal has issued several guidelines to the party leaders. Kamal has also passed some serious warnings to the party leaders. "You need to be fully aware of party policies in order to take them into the public. Respect those who work under you. There should be no confusion in the management of the party. I have dedicated my future entirely to public service. I made this clear when I started the party," Kamal said.

"I will not hesitate to close the party if it goes in the wrong direction. I have high hopes for each and every one of you for my honest future. I am sacrificing my personal life for this party. We will face the assembly elections with the same enthusiasm and will win," he added.
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