PM Modi Expected To Make Announcement 'One Nation One Health' Tomorrow!

August 15th is gaining all the interest as some media reports claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to make a crucial announcement about the "One Nation One Health Card" scheme.

It has been widely reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will address the nation tomorrow marking Independence Day might announce the details of the scheme.

Prime Minister earlier announced the 'One Nation One Health Card' scheme to bring all the medical tests and medical history of the user under one roof. The Card will possess all such required information.

However, it is believed that the scheme is not compulsory or mandatory to use the card. Public and the hospitals might or might not use the digital card. This scheme enables the patients to not carry all their medical records every time.

The much talked about scheme is expected to be started in the country in a phased manner and Rs 500 crore funds were released for the initial stage of the scheme and more money will be released with time.

We will get more information once the Government or Prime Minister announces in this regard. Let's wait and see whats happens tomorrow.
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