Pandemic Dairies: Manufacturers Come Up with Immunity Booster Sarees

Given the prevailing situation, people are focusing more on immunity so that they can stay away from contacting the contagious disease. Many companies came up with Immunity booster drinks and syrups.

Now its the time of Immunity booster sarees made it the market which is believed to boost the immunity of women who wears the special saree.

Going into detail, the special sarees that were made with special herbals was named as 'Ayurvastra' were being made in Madhya Pradesh.

The Madhya Pradesh Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation came up with the idea to manufacture the special herbal sarees. The manufactures claim that they are using ancient herbals and spices for these sarees.

It has been widely reported that several spices like Cloves, cardamoms, chakraphal, mace, cinnamon, black pepper, royal cumin, and bay leaf were used in preparing these special sarees.
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