SP Balasubrahmanyam In Critical Health Condition!

It is known that legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam was affected by the Coronavirus. He posted a video online saying that he was affected by the virus and asked his fans not to worry about him and follow all the safety measures instead. He was admitted in MGM Hospital in Chennai on 5th August and the officials released a health bulletin regarding his status.

In a late night development on 13th August 2020, SPB's condition has reportedly deteriorated and he had been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) based on the advice of an expert medical team. His situation is very critical as he is kept on life support and team of experts are closely monitoring him.

This news is starting to worry everyone and fans are praying for SPB to come out of this danger as early as possible. He is a legendary singer who has sung an uncountable number of songs across Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. He is also a music composer, actor and even produced a couple of films. For now, SPB is in critical condition and more details will be coming out in a couple of days again.
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