Superstar's Next Might Not Be With RRR Director?

India's most sought after director SS Rajamouli has announced that he would be teaming up with superstar Mahesh Babu for the first time in his career after he wraps up shoot for his upcoming film RRR. Mahesh Babu confirmed the news as well.

Naturally, the film will be made on a large scale and will most likely release in multiple languages. However, Mahesh may take up another project with a young director after wrapping Parasuram's film.

The pandemic has pushed the RRR release to 2021. As per the reports, team RRR cannot complete the film even by the mid of 2021 as the VFX work is still pending.

Mostly, they could come up with a date around December 2021 or early, 2022. That too, if big screens return to run on full capacities. So, the RRR release may take a year and in meantime, Mahesh plans to two projects, one with Parasuram and other with a young director. More details are awaited.

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