Where Is Nalla Pochamma Idol?

Controversies refuse to leave the demolished secretariat. After the ruckus over the demolition of the secretariat has subsided, now questions are being raised about the temple that was also demolished. Several people are seeking to know whether due rituals and procedures were followed while removing the presiding deity of the Nalla Pochamma temple inside the Secretariat complex.

One interesting question that many people are asking is - where is the deity Nalla Pochamma these days. No one knows where the deity is preserved. Normally, before removing the deity, special preyars and rituals should be performed. After this, the idol should be kept in a specially constructed place called Balalayam. Even there, the regular rituals must be performed without fail. In case one does not perform these rituals, it is believed that ill omens will befall. Hence questions are being raised.

However, highly placed sources say that due process was followed while removing the idol. It was only after this was done that the temple was demolished. But, the whereabouts of the idol are still a big question mark.
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