Coronavirus Leads To Drastic Hair Loss?

Scientists and researchers are finding a new thing about the coronavirus with every passing day to understand more about it.

Some prominent symptoms of COVID-19 include upset stomach, pain in legs, rash, reduced sensation of smell or taste and even eye problems.

As per the study, the recovered patient may also end-up with permanent lung damage and notable health impact on kidney, brain and heart.

Now, the researchers observed that coronavirus can also trigger temporary hair loss. According to a survey conducted by Dr Natalie Lambert, it was found that hair loss was amongst the top 25 symptoms experienced by those diagnosed with the deadly virus.

The study further revealed the major reasons for hair shedding in Covid patients is that the immense stress of fighting the disease could be the reason.

However, the similar symptom would appear in normal people as well. Being overly stressed due to unemployment, love failure, and other major changes in lifestyle can also lead to hair loss.
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