Unique MLA And A Strange Party!!

He is the only MLA of the party in AP assembly. But, the party is not sure if he is part of the party or not. The MLA, however, seems to be very clear about himself. He openly confesses that he is part of the ruling YSRCP.Yes. No marks for guessing who the MLA is.

It's Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad. He is the sole winner from Jana Sena Party. He had won impressively even at a time when the party president and actor Pawan Kalyan lost from both the seats he had contested. This shows his immense popularity in the constituency. Rapaka is actually from the YSRCP and had switched over to Jana Sena only after he was denied the ticket. Soon after winning, he has been conducting himself as a YSRCP leader rather than that of Jana Sena.

But, the most interesting aspect is that the Jana Sena has not even sought a clarification from Rapaka. No leader from the Jana Sena has talked to him. Jana Sena chief himself is wary of asking him why he was not toeing party line. At the same time, no invitation is being extended to the MLA to party's programmes. Interestingly, the party these days is not holding any programme. So, this is suiting both Rapaka and the Jana Sena. Jana Sena lists him as its MLA and Rapaka finds no need to resign from his party. Strange arrangement indeed.

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