Can This Politico Lead The Kapu Agitation?

One political mistake has reduced his political career to a zero. Vangaveeti Radhakrishna had everything going from him. His dad is a legendary Kapu and charismatic leader with a huge fan following. He is still adored by millions.  Radha not just inherited his legacy but also resembled his illustrious father. He was an MLA during YSR's time and was with the YSRCP till 2019 elections.

Ahead of 2019 elections, he resigned YSRCP and joined the TDP. The TDP did not give him the ticket he wanted. No wonder, Radha was swept off by the Jagan tsunami. Today, the TDP is all but somnolent and Radha has nowhere to go. The latest info about him is that he is planning to take to Kapu politics. He feels he is rightly suited to take over the mantle from Kapu patriarch Mudragada Padmanabham, who has recently resigned from the Kapu leadership. Vangaveeti held parleys with Balijanadu leader AO Ramana recently. Ramana has recently been suspended from the BJP for opposing the party line. So, both Ramana and Radhakrishna might come together to fight Kapu politics.

Both the leaders feel that Kapu politics could catapult them to power. But, will that be possible? Kapus seem to be quite happy with YS Jagan rule as several leaders from the community are holding important positions. Why will they join Radha, who does not have his father's charisma? Moreover, when patriarch like Mudragada could not manage Kapu leadership, can Radha manage?
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