Telangana Police Falling Prey For Coronavirus

Health workers and Police are the frontline workers of Covid-19. But now, they falling prey to the deadly virus. The deadly virus is creating terror in the Telangana Police Department.

So far 4259 policemen have been infected by Covid-19 in Telangana. As many as 1946 cases have been recorded in Hyderabad Commissionerate Limits.

Across Telangana, 39 policemen have died of the virus where 26 casualties are from the city limits. After Hyderabad, Warangal, Rajanna Sircilla and Nalgonda districts have the highest number of coronavirus cases.

Since they are working relentlessly from the beginning, the virus effect on them is a bit high. However, to fill the moral support in the police, the recovered are being invited back to the duties with big applause to fill positivity in them.
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