Where Is Out MLA, Ask Voters Of This Key Constituency

"Where is my MLA? We voted for him even amidst a YSRCP tsunami and sent him to the assembly. But, he is not to be seen in the constituency. He is not available even over phone." This is the constant refrain in Anantapur's Hindupur assembly constituency.

Their MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna has not visited Hindupur in many months. Though he is hugely popular even now in the constituency, the people are beginning to question his long absence from the constituency. After his election, Balayya Babu has not made too many visits. His availability even on phone is a big question. He rarely comes into contact with the TDP leaders of Hindupur.

Interestingly, Hindupur has been a TDP burrough and legendary NTR himself represented this constituency several times. Even during the YSRCP landslide, Hindupur returned Nandamuri Balakrishna. Interestingly, his victory margin has gone up in 2019 compared to 2014. This showed the kind of popularity that Balayya Babu enjoys in Hindupur. But, these days, they are beginning to ask why he is not visiting the constituency. "We see Balayya busy with the film making  in Hyderabad. We seen him attending functions. But, he never visits Hindupur. He is not there to provide succour to us in times of Corona," said a senior TDP leader from Hindupur.

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