PM Narendra Modi Launches New Tax Reforms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a new platform to honour the honest taxpayers of the country.

"The 'Transparent Taxation - Honoring The Honest' platform will bring in faceless assessment, faceless appeal, and taxpayers' charter. Faceless assessment & taxpayers charter come in force from today, whereas faceless appeal service will be available from September 25," PM Modi said in his video conference address.

The prime minister Modi said that the new reform will inject a sense of fearlessness among the true taxpayers who play an important role in national development. It strengthens our resolve of minimum government, maximum governance.

Similarly, to improve the ease of compliance for taxpayers, the Income Tax department has moved forward with the prefilling of income tax returns to make compliance more convenient for individual taxpayers. Also, the Compliance norms for startups have been simplified.
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