Nephew Headache For Ganta

Chikkala Vijayasarathi this name is ringing alarm bells for former minister and fair-weather politician Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Ganta, who has always stayed on the right side of the party in power, is all set to join the YSRCP soon. But, the problem is that the YSRCP is not ready to relent on the land-grabbing spree of Ganta's nephew Chikkala Vijayasarathy.

While Ganta was Bheemili MLA, Vijay played a key role. He used to fix deals and enter into secret pacts with traders, landgrabbers and others. A lot of this happened without the knowledge of Ganta. During those times, Vijay encouraged some land sharks to grab the land allocated to disabled people in Madhurawada area. This scam is now coming back to haunt him. Already a couple of people were questioned and the YSRCP is showing no signs of letting things go. It is determined to ensure that Vijay is punished.

Now will this affect the political prospects of Ganta? Will nephew's dark dealings prevent him from joining the YSRCP? Will he disown his nephew and claim innocence? All these are now being debated hotly in Vizag city.
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