Bigg Boss 4 New Promo Brings Curiousity Among Audience

The craze for Bigg Boss on Telugu Television is different from the other languages. The show got good reception from the viewers in all the three seasons and the makers of the show have already finalized the contestants and a host for season 4.

In the meantime, speculations are surfacing everywhere on social media about the contestants for this sensational show. If everything goes well the show may be telecasted on August 30.

Recently the makers have even finished the promo shoots and begun the promotional ad campaign with host Nagarjuna. The latest ad shows Nag in a old man getup eagerly waiting to see who is gopi? that's going to go live very soon.
It is said that the makers of Bigg Boss 4 are very cautious and have taken all the safety precautions for the contestants and the host Nagarjuna as a personal note requested the contestants not to go bold and make negative remarks on other contestants in this hour of crisis and thus said all of them to bring positivity to the show and boost up the audience with clean entertainment.

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