KGF Director Prepares Exciting Story For This Pan India Star

The Tollywood Rebel Star Prabhas has become Pan India star post Bahubali franchise success.  Prabhas is said to be in pressure to complete his ongoing Prabhas #20 film as soon as possible but the pandemic had other plans.

The outbreak has stalled the shoot of the film as whole of Tollywood is in shutdown mode. Earlier, Prabhas has wasted huge call sheets on a mediocre film like 'Saaho' and thus wanted to be on caution and complete films at a fast pace so that he can cash in on his post Bahubali craze and make huge money.

This time Prabhas is extra careful to have a pipeline of projects and the latest we hear is a project with KGF film director Prashant Neel. Earlier reports came that this director is in talks for the same project with DVV Entertainments. Now sources revealed that Prashant is willing to make a mafia drama with huge action episodes that would shot across World famous locations.

Taking this news guaranteed, the fans of Prabhas are celebrating and wishing Prashant to deliver a big for their favorite star!

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