US Made Deal With American Drugmaker Moderna For 100 Million Pandemic Vaccine Doses

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic spreading its deadly wings across the nation, United States strike a deal with American biotechnology company Moderna Inc for the drug doses.

White House said that the United States made an agreement with Moderna Inc for 100 million doses of vaccines to cure the ongoing pandemic. The deal is worth around $1.5 billion.

The Trump Administration made many efforts to strike a deal for 100 million doses of pandemic vaccines with so many pharma giants. But the prices quoted by the Pharma companies were too high.

As per the details, Moderna's vaccine will be costing around $30.50 per patient. This price was fixed for a vaccine that consists of two doses of the drug.

The vaccine announced by Moderna Inc has entered the final stage of the clinical trials and once the final testing is done. Mass production of the vaccine will be kickstarted.
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