Where Will JC brothers Go Now?

Till recently, JC brothers were uncrowned kings of Tadpatri. Their word was law and whatever they said and did was taken as gospel truth. But, not anymore. The YSRCP is sending shivers down their spines. The party is hounding them out and they are now mired in case after case.

JC Prabhakar Reddy and his son have already been arrested in connection with fake registration of buses and once out, Reddy created such ruckus, he has again been arrested and put in Kadapa prison. There is no reaction from any of his supporters. Even elder brother JC Diwakar Reddy is unable to react. Now sources close to the JC family reveal that the JC brothers are thinking of joining the BJP to save themselves from all these cases. However, the JC brothers are not sure of the kind of position that the BJP can offer to them. But, being in the BJP, they can get some respite from various cases against them.

However, the BJP leadership both in the state and the Centre seems to be wary of JC brothers. Their no-holds-barred comments, their self-centred politics and brazen behavior could mar the image of the BJP, the party leaders feel. Hence they are still undecided on the issue of admitting them.
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