Young Hero Afraid Of Losing His Lover Boy Image!

Young hero Naga Shaurya who made his debut as a hero with 'Oohalu Gusagusalaade', earned the image of a lover boy as he some did feel-good entertainers. While things were looking good for this Shaurya, he started making commercial potboilers and action thrillers which surprised many.

Recently, he gave a statement claiming that he is afraid of losing his lover boy image. These words from Shaurya are brining some funny comments out of the insiders. They are saying that the 'Chalo' should have continued his lover boy image as it gave him a minimum guarantee but his attempts for a mass image are reportedly taking him nowhere. They also claim that it is the audience that should accept him as a mass hero but he himself shouldn't suggest it indirectly. Sources say that he was suggested to make feel-good films more often but Shaurya is thinking otherwise.

The young hero opened up with his close friends that Bellamkonda Srinivas who doesn't have a good market here possess a market of over 12 crores in the Hindi dubbing arena because of his action flicks. But, is Naga Shaurya trying to get a mass image just for the sake of Hindi dubbing rights?   
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