Vizag TDP MPs divided over supporting Amaravati as capital

The condition of the four TDP MPs from Visakhapatnam is now like being caught in a pincer. They are in a huge dilemma. They cannot violate the party discipline and have to support the Chandrababu's argument that only Amaravati should be the capital of the state. But, at the same time, they cannot risk their political careers by not supporting Vizag as the executive capital.

Vizag has four MLAs from the TDP. They are Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Velagapudi Ramakrishna babu, Gana Babu and Vasupalli Ganesh Babu. Of these, Ganta has already decided to join the YSRCP and it is only a matter of time he makes this decision official. As for the other three MLAs, there is lot of confusion. They recently met at a hotel and discussed their future course of action. They are said to be veering towards the opinion that they must not oppose Vizag as the executive capital.

The problem for them is that they cannot oppose the development of Vizag. If they oppose, they would lose the support of the people. Hence, they are said to be in a dilemma. Some of these MLAs feel that they should oppose Chandrababu if he insists on Amaravati.
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