Why did This minister Hide His Corona Status?

The TRS circles are hotly debating as to why Minister Chamakura Malla Reddy has kept his Corona positive status a secret. The minister not only kept his status a secret, he also moved among the party circles and met several workers during this time.

Highly placed sources say that Malla Reddy tested positive on August 1 itself, but hid this from the public. Now he is admitting that he had been quarantined in the guesthouse of his hospital and was treated there. He is now sharing details about the diet and treatment regime on the social media. But, why did he hide all this for such a long time? There is no satisfactory answer for this question.

Interestingly, several TRS leaders like home minister Mahmood Ali, MLAs Muthyam Reddy, B Ganesh Gupta and others had tested positive for Corona. Even former minister Padmarao Goud too has come out of Corona.
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