Rakul Opens Up About Happening Issue Of Bollywood

The death of Bollywood actor and young talent Sushant Singh Rajput is shocking and appalling. The news is still not sinking in the minds of many. The Bollywood nepotism has come again as a forefront topic and has became a trend on social media.

Actress Rakul Preet Singh who once shined in Tollywood with Now she opened up about nepotism and insider outsider debate in Bollywood like all other actresses and movie people.
She said that nepotism exists everywhere in almost all the industries like in corporate and medicine too. If you are an outsider you may get chances but late but ultimately your talent decides your fate. Sooner or later it is the only talent and audience recognition that matters and makes you a star opined Rakul in a leading newspaper interview.

It is evident that the actor Sushant had too much to offer to Cinema with his talent. So far he has acted in best films like MS Dhoni-The Untold Story, Kai Po Che, Chhichhore, Kedarnath and Drive to name a few. His last film Dil Bechara remains in the hearts of movie lovers and fans.
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