Parasite Infestations Medication Can Kill The Ongoing Pandemic In 48 Hours

Ever since the ongoing pandemic as hit the world, many researchers and pharma companies are not leaving any stone unturned to come up with a vaccine to cure the vaccine.

Though many pharma giants announced the vaccines are at the final stage of the clinical trials and very soon the vaccine will be out after finishing the final trial stage.

Amid this tough situation, Centre for Digestive Diseases based out of Australia claimed that the Ivermectin tablet has the power to cure the ongoing pandemic.

Centre for Digestive Diseases Director Professor Thomas Borody said that the medicine has the power to kill the ongoing pandemic within 48 hours of taking the Ivermectin tablet.

However, the Ivermectin tablet is used to treat parasitic infections. The tablet will be given only on the doctor's advice. If the professor's claims turned out to be true then the tablet will be a game-changer.
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