Former Miss India World Tests Corona Positive

Of late, There's no stopping the Corona virus affecting celebrities thus they are testing positive for Coronavirus. As TV and Film shoots resumed all the cast and crew slowly started testing positive, everyone in the industry became alert about the pandemic.

On the latest news came that former Miss India World and actress Natasha Suri has tested positive for Coronavirus and the news spread like a wildfire. Now all the netizens who think that celebrities can manage or buyout anything think that how did she get? Natasha shared to media that she went to Pune for 3 days and as she returned to Mumbai she developed fever and body pains and thus when tested turned positive. She said that she is taking medication and seems fine.

Earlier Aishwarya Bachchan was mildly infected with Corona as she went to pick up Amitabh Bachchan after a shoot got delayed and this way Corona spread among the Bachchans except Jaya Bachchan.

On the film front, Natasha Suri is waiting for the release of her digital film 'Dangerous' on OTT.
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