Vicky Spotted Entering Katrina's House At Midnight!

Bollywood's stunning beauty Katrina Kaif claims that she is currently single after her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor. But the Mumbai media doesn't agree with her as she is said to be secretly having an intimate relationship with talented hero Vicky Kaushal these days.

Going into the details, the rumours of Katrina and Vicky seeing each other have been doing rounds a lot and though the couple denies it, Bollywood media are in no mood in believing them as they were caught coming out of parties and restaurants together. Gossip is that this couple are going to get married too. Vicky Kaushal denied it but he was often spotted having a good time with Katrina. Their photos together have gone viral on social media. They were even caught dancing together at the Holi party which all the Bollywood celebrities along with Nick Jonas attended a few months ago.

Their rumoured relationship came into light once again when the paparazzi caught Vicky Kaushal secretly entering into Katrina's house at midnight on Sunday. He did not want people to recognise him which is why he completely covered his face with a cap and mask but he was however caught by the cameras. It looks like things are going to get tough for Vicky and Katrina as long as they try to hide their relationship. The fans and media are suggesting them to make it official so that all this Hungama can be avoided. Let us wait and see what Vicky and Katrina do now.
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